UTAU Voicebank Terms of Use Generator

Does the user need to specify which voicebank was used and who made it?

Attributing voicebank name
Attributing author name

What types of content are allowed?

Prohibited in all voicebanks
  • Criminal or illegal content
  • Explicit underage sexual content
  • Bigotry and hateful content
  • Violations of UTAU's Usage Policy

What art can be used with this voicebank?

Characters other than voicebank character
Reusing art

Can users earn money using this voicebank?


How can this voicebank be edited?

Audio for UTAU
Configuration files

Such as OTO.ini, desc.mrq, frq, etc.

Porting to other synths
Audio used outside of synths

For videos, sound effects, etc.

Can this voicebank or parts of it be shared with other users?

Before discontinuation
After discontinuation
Rendered vocals